Drilling engineering

Eppycon review offset well data and current drilling practices to optimize drilling projects. In the initial planning stages, drilling engineers provide AFE estimates, casing, cement, mud and directional plans and the drilling prognosis. To minimize well costs, our emphasis is on drilling the most cost efficient  well possible.


  • Several doubles of geothermal wells , most recently in a fully virgin area in southern Netherlands
  • Abandonment  of mature oilfield in the western part of the Netherlands
  • ERD well from an onshore surface location to an offshore downhole location
  • Evaluation of the re-opening of an existing well for gas to electricity purposes
  • Soil subsidence prediction for small oilfields in the province of Utrecht
  • Review  offset well data dating back from the seventies for drilling projects in the  eastern part of  Iraq
  • Conceptual well design for geothermal wells in Abu Dhabi (Masdar city project)
  • Major well intervention in the Tendrara field in eastern Maroc