Drilling supervision

Since its inception, Eppycon was involved in the drilling of  low cost land wells ,ERD and HPHT well. salt mining wells and geothermal drilling projects.  We’ve been also active in other parts of Europe  France and in North Africa, notably in  Maroc and in Mexico.

Well optimization

As the well is drilled, the drilling engineer takes daily calls from the drilling rigs and provide input as to well optimization – bit selection, hydraulics and drilling parameters and provide recommendations in trouble situations such as stuck pipe, sidetracks, lost circulation and fishing operations.

Drilling projects

  • Horizontal oil production- and steam injection wells in the Schoonebeek re-vitalisation project
  • Double of geothermal wells inside the city of The Hague. (The Netherlands)
  • Deviated slim hole design gas wells in  The Netherlands  (“Low Cost Land Drilling” project)
  • Side track from a (salt) solution mining well in southern France in a very complex geology.
  • Vertical HTHP well, drilled for reasons of geological data collection.
  • Oil wells in the BALAM field offshore from Ciudad del Carmen, Yucatan, Mexico.
  • Gas wells,  both onshore NL and offshore on the North sea continental shelf  (average TV depth  3 km).